Gear review: Alpkit Carbonlite Ultra Walking Poles

We first started using walking poles on a multi-day trek around the Torres Del Paine Mountains in Patagonia in 2006. Since then they have been a regular part of our walking equipment and are used most times we are out. They provide particular benefits on long day walks, multi-day walks with heavier bags and on rough […]

Loch Maree lunch stop

Loch Maree; Journey to the centre of the universe…

Journey to the centre of the universe… ..or at least to the only island on a loch on an island on a loch in the UK… which is close enough in my mind! A few weeks ago I got an email newsletter from Walkhighlands with a post on freshwater lochs. In there I found the […]

Canoe rescue plan

Canoe rescue: Do you have a plan? Here’s ours and to hoping we never have to use it

Recently in a review of our son’s Baltic Life Jacket, I talked about the need for EVERYONE to wear buoyancy aids, and for children especially to wear life jackets when canoeing. I promised in that review that I would describe our canoe rescue plan, in case we do find ourselves in the situation of a capsize. Here it is: […]

Baltic toddler lifejacket review

Gear Review: Baltic 100N Toddler Lifejacket

A significant proportion of canoeing accidents and deaths occur on lakes and grade I-II rivers and there are two quite common contributory elements: alcohol and lack of an appropriate personal flotation device (PFD). I am going to assume that alcohol isn’t going to be an issue for toddlers… but appropriate flotation is vital, after all, […]

An Outdoors Family Carn Dearg Corrour

Carn Dearg Munro & Wild Camping, Corrour

In early August 2015 we delved into our adventure jar and our son pulled out a walking and wild camping weekend which simply said ‘North from Rannoch Station’. We looked at the map a bit and came up with the basic plan that we would walk up Carn Dearg and its neighbouring Munro to the […]

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Family tents for wildcamping/backpacking with pre-schoolers: What to consider

 Family tents for wildcamping Our experiences of finding the ideal family backpacking tent I don’t know if the idea of backpacking with young children is plain unthinkable to most tent manufacturers or if there is just not a market they think is worth pursuing, but there is, in general, a serious lack of good 4 […]

Choosing a wild camping spot

Choosing a wild camping spot

Choosing a wild camping spot* One of the great joys of wild camping is that your imagination is the limit as to where you sleep for the night. Literally, you can walk along and decide ‘that spot looks great for the night’… but what makes a great wild camp spot? I always say there are only […]

An Outdoors Family wildcamping sleeping system down quilt Enlightened Equipment

Down quilt: a real alternative to traditional sleeping bags for families

Down quilt: a real alternative to traditional sleeping bags for families* By Keith Sleeping bags are one of the heavier and bulkier items that you need when backpacking. This fact becomes even more of an issue when you are walking with young children, who can’t carry their own equipment yet. This is our sleeping bag […]