An Outdoors Family

Get Out There and Live It; Inspiration from Trail’s Young Mountaineer of the Year

At the end of last year, Trail magazine announced they were wanting to celebrate the next generation of outdoor superstars by launching their first Young Mountaineer of the Year Award. Parents were invited to write in and provide a few pictures of their childrens favourite adventures; In their words “Whether 2015 was the year they summited their […]

An Outdoors Family

Embracing a summer of highs after a spring of lows: Article written by Stacey for The Campsite

Now summer is long over, and we’re looking back at the adventures we’ve had with our son and the time we’ve spent outdoors as a family. If we’re honest, given his broken femur in April and subsequent weeks in a spica-cast and recovery, we’ve done much more than we thought we would. Hearing from other […]

Redefinition can go a long way on a long day

A simple redefinition can go a long way on a long day!

Brutal honesty coming up; the last few times we’ve spent outdoors with our son have been a bit gruesome. He does not want to go anywhere or do anything. I blame Leonardo. Or is it Michelangelo today? I can’t keep up, not only with those turtles, but also with our sons mood. He’s three, well nearly four, and […]

Choosing outdoors family time, every time

Choosing Outdoors Family Time, Every Time!

Choosing Outdoors Family Time, Every Time!* Now the dust has settled from our sons misadventure with the back garden step, life is good again. We can breathe deeply. We cringe when he takes a tumble. I cringe when I hear how often I tell him to be careful. The guilt hasn’t disappeared. Someone told me […]

how to make an adventure jar

How to make a Weekend Adventure Jar

How to make a Weekend Adventure Jar Do you ever get stuck with what to do at the weekends? Too much choice? Maybe your head’s too frazzled from a stressful week at work and you’re just concentrating on trying to keep calm and cheery for the kids… It’s not always easy is it? This happens to […]

Toddler in a spica cast

A toddler in a spica cast: Recovering from a broken femur

A toddler in a spica cast: Recovering from a broken femur It’s hard to imagine by looking at our son now that he broke his left femur just over 9 weeks ago. He’s back to being an uncontrollable ball of energy, running, dancing and jumping at any chance he can get. The only give away is when […]

Corrie Fee

Corrie Fee National Nature Reserve

Corrie Fee National Nature Reserve Starting out from the Glen Doll car park, we headed on our way towards Corrie Fee, a rocky landscape sculpted by glaciers. Situated in a National Nature Reserve, the excellent path meanders alongside the river, and there’s the chance for kids to read more information on the local flora and […]


Loch Muick Circuit

Loch Muick Circuit This low level circular walk starts from the Spittal of Glen Muick car park. There’s an informative visitor centre here, which also sells refreshments, so with a promise of an icelolly at the end of the walk, we were soon under way. We decided to do the walk in an anti-clockwise direction, so kept to the left […]

Bone Caves Inchnadamph Walking with a Toddler

Bone Caves, Assynt

Bone Caves, Assynt The Bone Caves are located in the limestone cliffs of Creag nan Uamh where bones of various animal bones including lynx, arctic foxes and polar bear dating back some 47,000 years were found. It is a fairly easy low level walk but the last uphill stretch to the caves is short but steep […]

Garvie Bay

Garvie Bay, Assynt

Garvie Bay, Assynt Garvie Bay is a secluded little bay with a sandy beach, great crabbing and mountain views. Limited parking spaces can be found near the cattle grid on the single track road with passing places past Stac Pollaidh. The short walk to the bay is easy to follow, but can be muddy or boggy in […]