Flexibility is key to adventuring with kids, so is having the proper kit!

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We had plans for today… we’d been keeping an eye on the weather forecast which looked incredible for bagging a munro… low wind, great visibility, no rain forecast but very low temperatures. Nothing awful. So we packed our bags yesterday, all except the jackets we’d used in the snow as they were drying out. We set an alarm and got an early night.

So this morning, the alarm went off at 6am and off we went after breakfast to drive the 90 mins it’d take us to get to the mountain we were eager to climb. We got there and began to get ready. Then Keith stopped and looked at me with what I’m going to say was pure horror on his face… “we’ve forgotten his suit” 

Baby’s insulated waterproof suit was still hanging up at home. Knowing there was an outdoors shop a short drive away we thought about getting a replacement suit, but decided against it as it’d make us start later in the day. We couldn’t carry on with our plans for the day.

So, as the mountains will always be there for another day, we went on a couple of shorter walks instead and ogled the autumn colours, which turned out to not be such a bad thing to do after all!!

Have you ever forgotten a key bit of kit for your family adventures?

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