Loch Maree lunch stop

Loch Maree; Journey to the centre of the universe…

Journey to the centre of the universe… ..or at least to the only island on a loch on an island on a loch in the UK… which is close enough in my mind! A few weeks ago I got an email newsletter from Walkhighlands with a post on freshwater lochs. In there I found the […]

Loch of Clunie

Trip report: Loch of Clunie

We were looking for a day to relax and unwind, following on from a mad busy week of seeing family we hadn’t seen in ages and what felt like days travelling. Deciding on canoeing as a definite favourite to relax, but wanting to avoid our usual A9 hotspots for our canoe trips, including Loch Tummel and Loch Tay we fancied […]

His own paddle

Our 6 tips for keeping young children entertained when canoeing

Our son once managed a full 8 seconds of staying still. Yup, it was a day like any other and he was being a very busy little man, just like any other pre-schooler, so we had a game of seeing how long he could stay still for… 8 seconds. Sooo, to expect him to stay still-ish and […]