His own paddle

Our 6 tips for keeping young children entertained when canoeing

Our son once managed a full 8 seconds of staying still. Yup, it was a day like any other and he was being a very busy little man, just like any other pre-schooler, so we had a game of seeing how long he could stay still for… 8 seconds. Sooo, to expect him to stay still-ish and […]

Canoeing Loch Veyatie

Canoeing on Loch Veyatie: Having our fill of marshmallows and midges!

  Having canoed a few times on Loch Sionascaig, one of my favourite places in the world, and hearing only good things from fellow paddlers about one of its neighbours Loch Veyatie, we decided to head over there to canoe camp and see what the fuss was about. There are two different entry points to […]