An Outdoors Family

Embracing a summer of highs after a spring of lows: Article written by Stacey for The Campsite

Now summer is long over, and we’re looking back at the adventures we’ve had with our son and the time we’ve spent outdoors as a family. If we’re honest, given his broken femur in April and subsequent weeks in a spica-cast and recovery, we’ve done much more than we thought we would. Hearing from other […]

Choosing outdoors family time, every time

Choosing Outdoors Family Time, Every Time!

Choosing Outdoors Family Time, Every Time!* Now the dust has settled from our sons misadventure with the back garden step, life is good again. We can breathe deeply. We cringe when he takes a tumble. I cringe when I hear how often I tell him to be careful. The guilt hasn’t disappeared. Someone told me […]