Affordable changes to backpacking gear

Last week we bought you our tips on reducing your packweight for free. The next step is looking at what items you can buy for not very much that will save you that bit of extra weight in your bag. Let’s face it, we all like the thought of being able to go further at […]

Tips for kids to stop and re-energise when out camping

Creating a bit of calm on a wild camp adventure

Wild camping can be exhausting for anyone. After a long day walking, with rucksacks on our backs and entertaining our son, we’ve put up the tent, blown up the airbeds, shook out the duvet, thrown everything in the tent and hunkered on in after it, absolutely knackered and hoping to get a bit of shut eye if […]

Choosing a wild camping spot

Choosing a wild camping spot

Choosing a wild camping spot* One of the great joys of wild camping is that your imagination is the limit as to where you sleep for the night. Literally, you can walk along and decide ‘that spot looks great for the night’… but what makes a great wild camp spot? I always say there are only […]