The Outdoors Fix – a chat about our family adventures

An Outdoors Family The Outdoors Fix

The Outdoors Fix is a podcast hosted by Liv Bolton, which, acoording to her website is “A podcast to inspire people wanting to make adventures outdoors a bigger part of their life”.

We’re the first to admit, we were a bit shocked when we got a message from her asking if we could have a chat about our family adventures. Take one look at her page and there are some big hitters on there; world record breakers and some big name adventurers.

And then there’s us. Liv described it as a ‘lively’ podcast as there was some chatter from all 4 of us on there, though we still don’t know where our then 10 month old got the idea to blow raspberries when we were talking about poop kits…..

We talk about our favourite mountain walks, our recent trip to New Zealand and share our top tips for getting outdoors with kids.

Grab a cuppa and have a wee listen:

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